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District of Columbia

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated Eastern Region District of Columbia

District of Columbia State Director’s Report

DC State Director - Donna W. Jordan

Donna W. Jordan

District of Columbia State Director

• Graduate Chapters – 2
• Graduate Sorors - 151
• Undergraduate Chapters - 4
• Undergraduate Sorors - 42
• Life Members - 29
• Zeta Doves - 10
• Amicae Auxiliaries – 1
• Amicae Members – 9
• Stork’s Nests – 1
• Zeta Male Networks - 1
• Youth Groups – 2
Kappa Alpha – Rechartered April 9, 2016

Number of Elder Care Centers adopted: 2

Number of Schools adopted: 2

Amount raised for March of Dimes: $10,000

Amount raised for St. Jude: $500

Amount given in Scholarships: $21,000

Amount given to Veterans Women Rock: $500

Outstanding accomplishments
1) Achieved and approximately a 20% growth in DC due to large increase in
Undergraduate membership
2) DC has 2020 VISIONARIES at Founders’ Society (2) and Circle of Pearls (1)
Donation levels Sorors Lynette Smith and Marjay D. Anderson, Founders’
Society Donors at $10,000 Soror Kathleen Thomas, Circle of Pearls Donors at
3) Re-chartering of Kappa Alpha chapter – making DC 100% active and financial
4) Outstanding DC State Youth Conference in April 2016 and also participation in
the Smithsonian Museum event for Women of color, March 12, 2016


In celebration of the Year Of the Undergraduate (Y.O.U.), during the Undergraduate Chapters

Highlights Luncheon Program, Rhoda C. Nixon (BZ)
was presented with a plaque by State Director Jordan for the legacy she created when in 1949, as an undergraduate member of Kappa Alpha chapter,
worked with Esther Peyton in co-chartering the Zeta Amicae of Washington, DC


AARP Feeds Families

Friday, September 11, 2015
Beta Zeta Chapter Members
Monica McEaddy and Dawn Young Johns


Event founder Chris Hart-Wright with Eric Gilliam (Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity, Inc.)

WALK/RUN – September 27, 2015


Alpha chapter holds Zeta Week at Howard University – January 16th – 22nd, 2016

Mr. Z Phi B Pageant – Winner received a $500 Scholarship from Alpha chapter



STEM Project: Making parachutes from coffee filters, string and cloth. Contest was held to see whose parachute took the longest to hit the ground.


DC State Youth spent time with Miss University of the District of Columbia, Ms. Tatyana Calhoun